Bungee Trampoline 3 Stations
Rent a high flying bungee trampoline in Ohio, PA and MI

bungee_trampolineWhat goes up must come down, and then go up again, and down and really just keep doing that with a smile. At least that’s what happens when you are enjoying yourself on our Bungee Trampoline, where you jump so high, it feels like you are flying. One of the things that makes this so much fun is that you can jump 25ft above the ground and experience a short duration free fall.

Jump 25ft above the ground

Now I can tell all you moms out there are starting to tense up a little. We want you to know that our Bungee Trampoline is completely safe. We have an operator managing each station and each participant is harnessed and connected to cables to keep them from harm.

Suggested Ages
– Suits All Ages Equally
– Must weight 40-220 lbs

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The Bungee Trampoline is the closest you can get to being a bird. You can reach heights of 20+ feet with ease!

Bungee Trampoline 3 Stations

Bungee Trampoline 3 Stations

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Electricity: Requires 1 dedicated 15/20 Amp Circuit(s)
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Space Needed: 33'W x 33'L x 25'H