What is your cancellation and re-booking policy?

We offer flexible cancellation policies and never charge for cancellations 30 days out from your event.  Starting 2 days prior to your event the work of printing paperwork, filing with the appropriate state and/or local government, finalizing worker schedules and pulling and loading inventory begins.  For these reason all cancellations and/or changes to your order that take place 48 hrs prior to your event will have a fee.  These fees may be used towards re-booking another event.  Any changes that are made after 5:00pm, the day prior to your event, will have a non-refundable 50% fee as outlined in the table below. If your event is cancelled, the cost of the assurance plan is non-refundable.

Standard Policy Assurance Plan
Accidental damage protection: Unprotected, $0 $500/item, $2000 aggregate
Free cancellation before scheduled event: 30 days or Earlier 48 hrs or Earlier
Cancel at least 48 hrs before the event start, you owe: 20% 0%
Cancel after the 48 hr mark but before 5:00pm the day prior to your event, you owe: 40% 20%
*Cancel after 5:00pm the day prior to your event but before setup, you owe: 50% 50%
*Cancel after setup, you owe: 100% 100%
Apply cancellation fee to another event if next event occurs within:

*Not eligible

8 Weeks after cancelled event Anytime during the calendar year or six months from event date, whichever is greater

As you can see, with our standard policy, you can cancel your rentals with no penalty up to 30 days prior to your event, with the assurance plan you can cancel up to 48 hrs prior to your event with no charge.  Rentals cancelled within the last 48 hrs, under our standard policy, will be charged a 40% cancellation fee, with the assurance plan it’s only 20%.  Any changes or cancellations made after 5:00pm the day prior to your event will be charged 50% of the rental price.  Weather related cancellations, as described in “What is your rain policy…” have the same fees.  If your rentals are cancelled, fees can be used towards another event as indicated above.  With the standard policy, the funds must be used within eight (8) weeks, with the assurance plan you have the calendar year or six months, whichever is greater.  Re-scheduling of rentals is based on availability; we will make every effort to accommodate re-bookings.  Re-bookings can be for the same or different rental items.

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