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We rent and staff over 50 inflatable rentals including bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides and interactive games. Experience the rush of Go Racers, the thrill of the Titanic Slide and the laughter from Dance Heads. We are licensed and insured servicing Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. Check availability and get an instant quote online now or call 330-942-0365. Local delivery to Cleveland, Akron, and Canton.

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Fun Makers Premium Rentals

Dedicated sales professionals to handle all your event rental needs. One stop shop. We own and operate all of our equipment. From large corporate events with huge inflatables and tons of games to backyard parties with an inflatable bounce house.

Rock Wall Rentals

Rock Climbing Wall 5 Stations - Click to learn more!

Make your event one that people are talking about long after it has ended, give us a call, and we will make you a celebrity in your community. Features a 25′ high, auto belay, 5 person climbing wall. This ride bring excitement to all climbers as they conquer the top with to the crowds watching their feat.

Toilet Racing Fun

Go Racers - Click to learn more!

What can we say, you sit on a electronic toilet and go, go, go! First person to cross the finish line wins. Great for winter activities, after proms, school dances and more. Fun, funny and a great photo opp. Includes track, referee and two racers.

Rent a Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull - Click to learn more!

Our mechanical bull rentals are engineered with the most current safety innovations available in the industry today, including a padded inflatable arena, auto stop bull, and a variety of preset speeds to accommodate both beginner and expert riders.

Rent our mechanical bull and make your next event spectacular!

Eurobungy Trampoline

Eurobungy Trampoline - Click to learn more!

Our Bungee trampoline rentals are sure to be a thrill for all ages at your next event! Our euro bungee trampoline accommodates up to four bungee jumpers at once.

Giant Inflatable Slides

25 Foot Titanic Adventure Slide - Click to learn more!

This is our largest slide, towering two and 1/2 stories above the ground. A great center piece to any event. Not for the faint of hart, or the little ones, riders must be in good physical condition and a minimum of 42″ tall to ride.

22 Foot Vertical Rush Slide - Click to learn more!

The Vertical Rush inflatable slide is not the largest slide we rent (see Titanic Slide) but it does offer a super fast slide and a unique climbing experience. Sometimes used as an indoor option for a rock wall, the climb is not easy, that’s why there is a 42″ height requirement to ride.

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Interactive Games

BoulderDash - Click to learn more!

Rent the BoulderDash inflatable for the perfect interactive challenge! Two opponents face off head-to-head, zig-zagging across raised foam platforms while dodging swinging foam boulders hurled from six onlookers! The first person to make it to the other side without falling wins. It’s a dash to the finish in this game that combines both speed and strategy.

Sumo Wrestling - Click to learn more!

Step into a padded Sumo suite and experience 3 times your mass. A referee starts the match and the two competitors push, pull, trip and grab their opponent in an attempt to bring them to the ground

Bungee Run/Joust Combo - Click to learn more!

With our Bungee Run/Joust Combo, you get two classic rides for the price of one. Kids of all ages can enjoy your event with a battle of balance on the Joust and then a race of strength with the Bungee Run. Each time party goers get to the front of the line, they can choose which interactive inflatable adventure they want to entertain themselves with.

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Obstacle Courses

Ironman Obstacle Course - Click to learn more!

Only you can experience the excitement and satisfaction of completing this challenging criss cross designed obstacle course. Your adrenaline begins to flow as you clear your first climb and are able to wiggle through the squeeze tube. You are now entering the giant tunnel under the slide and will likely encounter your opponent as you race toward your next obstacle,a curving crawl tunnel. Upon exiting this tunnel you face the biggest obstacle of all-the giant climbing wall. As you maneuver your way up and over the wall you will glide toward your final destination-the giant slide down and through the legs of the IronMan.

Adrenaline Rush - Click to learn more!

The Adrenaline Rush 2 is our large obstacle course. Riders start the race separated but finish together with a high wall climb and quick slide finish. The entrance and exits are conveniently located next to each other so that everyone can see the photo finish.

Obstacle Course 30 Foot - Click to learn more!

This 30′ obstacle course is where challenge meets competition. A great option for your grade school aged kids. This inflatable obstacle course will keep your group entertained for hours. Provides challenging obstacles and finishes with an exhilaratingly large climbing wall and slide.

Choo choo train - Click to learn more!

Parents can watch as the kids slide and bounce their way through this 50′ long choo choo train adventure! This crawl through game is great for ages 3 through 12.

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Photo Booths

Photo Booth Deluxe - Click to learn more!

Fun Makers provides photo booth rentals in Ohio including Akron, Cleveland, Canton and Youngstown. Our brand new Photo 2 go booth is much more than just a photo booth! Create a variety of Photo strips or 4×6 prints at the touch of a button. You can even superimpose a new hair style on your photo.

Photo Booth - Open Air - Click to learn more!

Starting at just $349, this booth offers photo quality prints is just 11 seconds, a prop box, unlimited sessions with two prints per session, and professional attendant. Add your message to the bottom of each 2″ x 6″ photo strip at no charge.

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Video Booths

Dance Heads video recording booth - Click to learn more!

A two person booth that is great for both indoor and outdoor events. Easy to use, guests scroll through available songs and start the session using buttons inside the booth. An attendant is provided to help answer questions and give guests their DVDs which are in a full color Dance Heads branded sleeve.

PopNoggins - Click to learn more!

Just like Dance Heads but on a larger scale. Up to 5 guests can participate at a time. Two large speakers fill a room with sound and with a total of 4 video monitors, everyone can watch the action in real time. Indoor setup is recommended. Two attendants are required to operate. Guests receive a non branded, white DVD in a white sleeve.

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Interactive Game Rentals

Human Hamster Balls - Click to learn more!

Climb in one of our huge ten foot spheres and run, jump and spin your way to a great party. Giant human hamster ball parties are a fun, family friendly and affordable activity. Hamster balls can be done almost anywhere there is an open, level grassy area such as a park.

Life Size Simon Says - Click to learn more!

The game is extremely simple: listen for the tone, look for the light, hit the target. The game can be set at varying degrees of difficulty where the targets will stay on for as long as ten seconds down to as brief as 3/4ths of a second. The goal is for every player to have a positive experience with the game so that they will be encouraged to try again to beat their previous score

Paintball Shooting Gallery - Click to learn more!

Paintball fun with out the mess! Our shooting gallery uses real paintball guns but instead of paint filled balls, the paintballs we use are solid rubber so there’s no mess. This self contained shooting gallery allows two players at a time to enter and blast away at the themed backdrop, features an electronic scoreboard.

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Carnival Games

Duck Pond - Click to learn more!

Great fun and a super easy way to award prizes to the little ones! Pick up a floating duck to see if it has a winning number or tag.

Potty Toss - Click to learn more!

Bring on the laughter as opponents attempt to toss the ball in the potty! Toss the ball in the potty to win!

Spin Art - Click to learn more!

Includes everything you need to make up to 50 – 5″ x 7″ works of art.

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Wax Hands

Wax Hands - Click to learn more!

Dip your hand into the liquid wax and create your own art form hand impression. Your colorful wax hands souvenir can be taken home and enjoyed by your friends and family

Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Click to learn more!

Our mobile laser tag is a great team sport that can be set up and played indoors or outdoors, so you can play your favorite games, like capture the flag, year round. Fun Makers Inc. provides laser tag and other exciting interactive and inflatable games in the Akron, Canton, Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio area and throughout the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana.

Themed Bounce Houses

Mutiny on the Bouncer - Click to learn more!

Just one of our over a dozen themed bounce houses to choose from. The Mutiny Bouncer is a pirate themed bounce house that includes

Pirate Bounce Combo - Click to learn more!

More pirate themed fun. The Pirate bounce includes basketball hoop and a slide.

Moonwalk Rentals

Shrek Combo - Click to learn more!

Mickey Mouse Bounce - Click to learn more!

Pirates of the Caribbean Bounce - Click to learn more!

Racing Fun Bounce - Click to learn more!

Spider-man Bounce House - Click to learn more!

Sports Bounce - Click to learn more!

Disney Princess Bounce House - Click to learn more!

Do it yourself - This item is available for pick up

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Dunk Tank Rentals

Dunk Tank - Click to learn more!

Dunk Tank Ridgid - Click to learn more!

Reverse Dunk Tank - Click to learn more!

Video Game Truck

Video Game Party Bus - Click to learn more!

This game truck was specifically designed for older kids this game truck has just what they are looking for. Up to 14 kids can play on one of 5 game stations. Big screen tv’s with a dedicated Xbox or PlayStation. Plus satellite TV or top 40 music videos pay on another big screen TV, music thumps and laser lights flash. There’s even a touch screen photo booth

Party Bus

Party Bus - Click to learn more!

Party bus rentals for any occasion. The Fun Makers limo bus is a party on wheels. DJ lights and booming sound with touch screen jukebox interface, five gaming stations including Xbox and PS4, satellite TV – six big screen TVs in all. Includes photo booth that features Facebook uploads and photo quality prints, dance pole, BYOB bar, hard wood flooring, recessed lighting, wrap around seating and more!